Peele’s Rare Breed Turkeys

The Original true type of Norfolk Black Turkey!

Saved from extinction by my grand father Frank Peele, with breeding lines unique to this farm and family for 135 years! Famous for its prominent high breast bone, black plumage and its black legs. Longer in the body than commercial strains with a fine-grained, gamey flavour, more akin to a pheasant. Typical finished weights between 4-9kg/9-20lbs oven ready.

Cambridge Bronze Turkey

A heavier, slightly broader type of bird with bronzed plumage and a fuller breast. The breed carries less fat than a Norfolk Black but it still has a better flavour than a normal white turkey. Typical finished weights between 5-10kg/11-22lbs oven ready.

Lavender Turkey

Sometimes referred to as a slate turkey depending on variations in black flecking within its grey-blue plumage. These birds have a slightly longer, narrower breast bone and carry more fat to make it exceptionally moist, flavoursome bird. A firm favourite for its delicate taste. Smaller in weight than the previous breeds between 3.5-7kg/7.5-15.5lbs.

Bourbon Red Turkey

A North American breed, with striking russet brown and white feathers. These birds have pinker coloured flesh before cooking and carries less fat compared to the previous breeds. It has a “nuttier” flavour to its meat with variable finished weights ranging from 3.5-7kg/7.5-15.5lbs.

Narragansett Turkey

Domesticated by the Native Americans, this turkey is one of our wildest breeds of turkeys. With a longer neck and higher breast bone than previous types. It has a lovely silvery-flecked bronze plumage. A gamey bird, full of flavour weighing between 3.5-8kg/7.5-17.5lbs when finished.

Royal Palm Turkey

This is our lightest most striking bird, more for ornamental purpose than a big meal! Very wild, but exceptionally pretty and good for showing with black and white barred plumage. Not much meat on the long frame typically 3-6kg/6.5-13lbs finished weight.

Peele’s Peacocks

Following on from the ornamental theme and as it was King Henry VIII who was the first English Monarch to have black turkeys alongside peafowl at his banquets! Here at Peele’s we now breed four types of peacocks in addition to the true type of black turkey, typically found in the 1500’s.

Jarvin Green

Very colourful and a more common type to be found.

Indian Blue

Beautiful blue neck with an extremely striking plumage.

Brown Shouldered

Brown and white marked plumage.


The rarest and hardest to breed, smaller and considerably more delicate.

All these birds are available as young poults to yearlings, as pets at your home or for showing.