Peele’s Beef

As there has always been permanent grassland on the farm which forms part of the ancient Anglo-Saxon site of Thuxton, there has always been cows to graze this grass. Until 1972 at Rookery Farm, the cows were milked and calves kept for beef or dairy replacements but the herd soon became too small and when the cowman retired, my grandparents moved over to beef production.

Today I run a suckler herd of Beef Shorthorn cows, covered by an Aberdeen Angus Bull called Eveready. In the summer months they are out grazing the new grass and in the winter they are fed baled grass silage, hay, barley and oat straw, with wheat straw as bedding.

The beef animals are therefore reared very slowly, typically it takes 28-30months to “finish” an animal.

A selection of joints are available and orders grouped together when an animal is ready. Although not butchered on the farm, the meat is typically hung for 3-4weeks and combines the taste of an Aberdeen Angus and “marbling” of the shorthorn to give optimum flavour.

Aberdeen Angus

x Shorthorn Beef Prices

    *                                                                                  £ per KG

Mince                                                                              £10.25

Shin                                                                                 £10.85

Skirt                                                                                £9.75

Brisket                                                                            £11.25

Stewing Steak                                                              £11.30

Braising Steak                                                               £12.25

Silverside                                                                        £13..50

Topside                                                                           £15.50

Top Rib                                                                           £14.50

Rib on Bone                                                                 £18.75

Rolled Rib                                                                     £21.25

Rib Eye                                                                          £31.00

Rump Joint                                                                   £17.15

Rump steak                                                                    £21.25

T. Bone Steak                                                                 £28.15

Sirloin Steak                                                                   £29.88